Cannabis Weed Strains That Give A Mind High

Frog High of Cannabis strain

Cannabis is a substance that essentialy has 2 types of effects, high's.

  1. A mind high
  2. A body high

The reason for this is down to the 2 types of Marijuana plants

  1. A Sativa plant
  2. An Indica plant

Both hemp plants are a type of Cannabis weed but both have very different effects when consumed. And this is also down to 2 main properties.

  1. CBD
  2. THC


THC gives a euphoric feeling and makes the mind active, while on the other hand CBD has a much more effect on the body, A plant high in CBD is perfect for medical condition such as pain management, some types of cancer and various other forms of illnesses.

Plants high in THC are used for treating illnesses such as depression and other mind related condition.

Both plant types, Sativa & Indica, have both substances in them.

Sativa Cannabis weed strain pictureThe Sativa Cannabis Strain


The Sativa strain has a higher concentration of THC. This higher dosage of THC makes the Sativa plant provide a mind high with some of the purest Sativa plants giving a mind high unlike anything you have felt before.

Some of the more famous Sativa plants are noted below (in no order of prefference)

1. Jack Herror

2. AK47

3.Arjan's Strawberry Haze (Very sweet)


Check out the Video below that tells you all about the Sativa Marijuana Weed Type while comparing it to the Indica plant

Start the video at about 0:45 🙂

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