Also known as cannabis, Weed, hemp, Ganja, Grass, hash and Pot was once enjoyed by the masses without fear of prosecution before it was made illegal.

So what actually happened to the Marijuana crop?

On this site you will be able to learn everything you need to know about Cannabis. This includes but is not limited to the various uses, how to grow it, how to smoke it, and all about marijuana in general.

Below is an info graphic showing how THC enters the body and immediately starts to take effect within seconds of inhaling the smoke. Dont forget to watch the Cannabis Video below the info graphic

All About Marijuana Info-Graphic

About Marijuana Infographic Image

The Various Uses of cannabis & Why It Was made Illegal (Video)

See the video below that talks about the various uses of cannabis. i found the video eye opening as it makes notes to how marijuana was widely used and how it was the go to crop for when wanting to produce paper and even clothes. hemp paper and hemp clothing is far superior to what we use today. But even more important is how the video below reveals how Cannabis once a widely used crop soon became illegal and why. Enjoy