The Best Types Of Weed

The cannabis plant as a whole has many types of weed strains that give a multitude of highs.

In this article i will be discussing on the best types of cannabis weed that I personally enjoy and the reasons why.

My best types of weed

   #1 Haze

Cannabis Haze The Haze strain is by far my favourite strain of Cannabis. The look, smeel and taste are to die for. Just take a closer look at the image to the left t osee what a proper haze bud looks like –

It has a misty type of smell and when fully dried and cured then the cannabis bud is a very compact, hard and compressed.

Depending on how the haze plant has been grown (hydroponics etc) will result in the kind of potency you can expect from this plant.

I like to smoke my cannabis haze inside of a spliff or a Bong and usually prefer to smoke in the day time. when it is the evenings then I much prefer a strong Indica –

cannabis Haze strains tend to be more Sativa based.

I hope you enjoy this article on my best type of cannabis weed