Different Types Of Weed Highs

The cannabis plant has a number of different strains of Weed that provide various types of highs.

Cannabis highSome types will provide a mind high while others will provide a body high.

A marijuana mind high gets you to think, speak and laugh lots.

A weed body high is more of a stoned feeling, making you feel very relaxed.

Both types of buzzes are very enjoyable but also very different.

It's also possible to get a mixed cannabis plant known as Hybrids that provide both Mind and body highs at the same time.


So what Types of Marijuana plant provides a mind high or a body high?

Cannabis Sativa = Mind/Trippy high

Cannabis Indica = Body/Stoned high

Hybrid Strains = Both mixture of body stoned and mind trippy high

I like to smoke Indica strains in the evenings and Sativa strains during the day – How about you ? what is your favourite type of Cannabis high