The Benefits Of Smoking Weed

Many folks dont realise that smoking weed can actually be more beneficial than harmful.

In this article i will be explaining the true benefits of smoking cannabis weed

Smoking Weed benefitsSmoking Cannabis Benefits

1- Cancer Cannabinoids, the active components of marijuana kill cancer cells.

2- Seizures Marijuana is a muscle relaxant and has proven to be very effective against seizures

3- Migrains since prescribing marijuana has become legal in California doctors have reported treating over 300k migrains with it

4- Multiple Sclerosis Marijuana works to stop the neurological effects and muscle spasms that come from the fatal disease.

5- Alzheimer’s  the THC found in marijuana works to prevent Alzheimer’s by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the disease.

These are only a handful of benefits that you can gain by smoking Weed