My Top 3 Haze Strains Of Weed

If your an old time smoker like myself then growing up smoking Cannabis meant visiting your local dealer (in the middle of nowhere) handing them your money in Dealing Cannabisexchange for a bag of weed. There really wasn’t much of a choice and you could only get what your local dealer had.

Nowadays though it’s much easier to get hold of Weed. Just make a few phone calls, find out what your dealers got, if you don’t like it then call the next one and have them come drop it off and if your in a place like Amsterdam then you just need to visit your local coffee shop.

Below I have listed my top 3 Haze Weed Strains of all time

#1-Super Silver Haze
Super Silver Haze


Super Silver Haze is by far my favorite type of Marijuana to smoke. It has a wonderful aroma to it and the high that you get from   it is a Super mind high. It’s very smooth to smoke and gets your mind working at a thousand miles per a hour. A wonderful feeling



#2 G13 Haze
G13 Haze

The G13 strain is smiler to the the super silver Haze type of weed shown above. It too has a great aroma and gives you a mind blowing high. If you was to give me a spliff of G13 Haze and Super silver Haze then i really don’t think I would be able to tell them apart. They are both buds that taste alike and give a very similar mind high.




#3 Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze Weed Strain

Lemon Haze is very different to the other 2 haze strains above. If grown correctly it can be one of the strongest strains of the Cannabis plant. Lemon haze gives both a mind and body high. to me it feels like the best sort of Sativa and Indica types of strains mixed.  Just the smell of lemon alone makes you feel like pulling out the grinder and rolling up a big fat spliff.

The only thing I don’t like about the lemon plant is that it is a very leafy one.



So there you have it, those are my top 3 strains of Haze. Feel free to let me know what you think