How To grow Weed Step by Step Guide

How To grow Weed guideGrowing weed is very easy but only if you know how.

There are many benefits to growing your own weed but first you must be sure it is legal. If all is weel with the law and you want to get straight to mastering the art of growing then I have put together a How To Grow Weed Step By Step Guide that if followed properly you will get some solid results.

How To Grow Cannabis Weed, Step by Step guide


Step 1 – Seed germination

Step 2 – Once seed has sprouted add to growing medium

Step 3 – Add Lighting when seeds emerge with about 2 leaves – Light during Vegetative period should be on about 18 hours a day

Step 4 – Feed the plants proper nutrients, Follow the feeding vegetative period feeding guide

Step 5 – Once your plants have reached half the desired growing size it's time to put them into flowering, Just change the light so that they are on for            12 hours a day – watch the ph and food levels. follow the plant flowering growing guide

Step 6 – Its time to harvest,

Step 7 – Dry the cannabis bud and let it cure

Step 8 – Smoke and enjoy 🙂

Below is a video on how to grow weed


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